Installing Jenkins on Ubuntu 11.10

So I figured that, since I seem to be using either Hudson or Jenkins on most of the projects I’ve been working on recently, it would be useful to see what it’s like to install and administer Jenkins.

I’m using Ubuntu 11.10 at home, so this is where I’m installing Jenkins.  To be fair, they have made it very easy to get it started.  You can go through the Ubuntu software manager, and install Jenkins directly from there.  Once you’ve installed it, it is added as a service to Ubuntu which runs at startup.  It ships with a built-in application server, so the jenkins.war file is deployed into that.

After installation, you just need to browse to http://localhost:8080, and you’ll be at the Jenkins dashboard.

To stop the service, its a matter of using the command sudo service jenkins stop. To start it again, just use sudo service jenkins start.

I’ll put more posts on this topic once I start doing some administration of jobs in Jenkins.